June 6, 2018—Ottawa, Ontario, Canada—omNovos, the global leader in omni-channel customer engagement solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Farm Boy, one of Canada’s fastest growing and leading-edge food retailers, to deliver a revolutionary new customer engagement platform.

The project, one that will consist of a multitude of new customer-facing tools—is set to greatly enhance the experience of Farm Boy’s customers. The comprehensive retail management platform is purpose-built to enable retailers of all kinds to leverage all customer profile information for a 360-degree view and management of all retail channels, including in-store, mobile, and online.

“We are very pleased to create this new and ongoing relationship with Farm Boy,” said Allan Zander, CEO of omNovos. “They have been a shining star amongst grocers for many years in Canada—perpetuating a unique brand and customer experience that has elevated them above many of their competitors. Now, with the addition of this next level in customer engagement technology, their customers will have a truly unique and highly personalized relationship with Farm Boy that will far surpass any other of its kind.”

“Farm Boy has been providing its customers with an exceptional in-store fresh shopping experience for over 36 years,” commented Jeff York, Farm Boy co-CEO. “As we extend our customer experience beyond the store to digital platforms and mobile devices, we plan to deliver a digital experience that will make our customers’ lives better and that will make eating well easier. To do this, we have selected technology partner, omNovos, a company with the deep data management and global technology experience necessary to develop a secure infrastructure and customized digital platform. We are excited about the future and the possibilities these new digital solutions will bring to our stores and our customers.”

Through a comprehensive and multi-layered approach, omNovos has partnered with Iversoft, a leading full stack digital agency, to help create an environment focused on a brand-centric user experience, carried across mobile and web enabling increased access to relevant information and interaction with the Farm Boy brand. Integrating with the omNovos PACE (Personalized Automated Customer Engagement) Platform, customers will also be able to immediately customize their desired experience—whether in-app, online, or in-store.

Everything from highly personalized content, to personalized experiences, recipes, promotions, and more, will all be configurable by the customer, enabling a highly unique experience for every individual. In addition, customers will also have access to a Starbucks-style order and pay system for Farm Boy’s prepared foods.

The project is already underway with the omNovos platform being customized to meet the specific needs of Farm Boy and its customers.