Concierge - The application for Retail Employees

Why isn’t your front-line staff a part of your
customer engagement strategy?

Online, In-App, and In-Store.
The trifecta of the customer experience.

With so much talk about customer engagement and customer experience, it’s frankly a bit shocking that many vendors have either ignored or forgotten about the importance of your brick and mortar when offering their “omnichannel” solutions. The vast majority of shoppers still prefer to shop in a physical store – they like to touch and feel the items, evaluate them, but, most importantly, the physical act of shopping is still driven by the social aspect.

Make your front-line staff part of your customer engagement strategy.

Evolve your staff from
Cashier to Concierge.

The omNovos Concierge is our retail employee application that leverages the information contained in your CDP and other systems and empowers your workforce by providing real-time insights into the customers, products, and offers, in their location (or in the system). Armed with such information as name, preferences, past purchases, available inventory, etc… your front-line staff truly become agents of service – “concierges” in the true meaning of the word.

When integrated with omNovos PACE and other systems, your staff can engage customers thoughtfully and consultatively – even being prompted through the interface with offers to make or items to suggest based on the latest fashion trends, your customer’s current shopping goals, or even your own current marketing and business goals. In fact, when armed with more information, your staff become more productive and engaged, which in turn drives an even better customer experience.

Companies that increase employee engagement by 5% see a 3% increase in revenue.

With omNovos Concierge, your front-line teams become an integral part of a great customer experience while simultaneously

  • Reducing wait times
  • Reducing cart abandonment
  • Driving greater AOV and RFM through upselling and cross-selling
  • Improving your customer’s experience
  • Increasing customer lifetime value

And, as a result, your staff

  • Become more engaged
  • Gain greater product knowledge
  • Reduce turnover