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You’ve got their attention, now keep it.

Nothing derails your customer’s journey or experience faster than when they engage with an offer, recommendation, or other piece of content that you have provided only to find out that the item can’t be purchased or redeemed. It’s not available. In this channel. At this time. Especially if you made the offer specifically to them. That’s a massive personalization failure.

Regardless of whether the issue is at the store level, the regional level or even if it’s just a simple lack of training or visibility, the undelivered promise is a relationship killer. You might get a second chance if the customer is strongly loyal enough but, otherwise, you might as well write that customer off. They likely won’t be back.

The power of end-to-end visibility.

That’s where inventory comes into play. omNovos’ OptiView is our omnichannel inventory management solution that helps ensure that you never make an offer to your customer that you can’t fulfill. OptiView tracks and documents every detail and every movement of your inventory – inside, outside, and within the warehouse.

In addition to automatically optimizing the placement of items in your Inventory based on preferences – either your preferences or your customers – and velocity of inventory movements, OptiView supports a number of mechanisms for capturing all of the information required to properly manage and document every item in your inventory. Standard functionality such as Receiving, Put-Away, Issuing, Picking, Returns, Transfers and Adjustments are supported as are a number of advanced features designed to provide your organization with the visibility it needs to properly deploy an omnichannel customer engagement solution.

You’ve got this!

Stop worrying about whether or not you have the inventory where you need it before you make an offer. When integrated with the omNovos suite, OptiView will ensure that engagement activities also take into consideration availability based on the criteria you set.


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