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Connecting your business to your customers

omNovos is your nimble, flexible Partner in personalization

Who we are

Digital Customer Engagement Experts

We do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution—except when it comes to pricing.

We’re focused on creating the best digital customer engagement solution for your business.

Our unique, partnership approach starts with an in-depth understanding of your goals and your systems to match the right products and services to your business—at the right time. This allows you to get started quickly, learn, grow and adapt as necessary and at your own PACE (Personalized Automated Customer Engagement). We are there, at your side, to ensure the solution works with your environment and will deliver on established KPIs.


Real-Time Customer Engagement

Create, manage and deliver 1:1 personalized communications to create magical moments with your customers and to drive in-depth engagements across all channels.

Modernized Customer Loyalty

Focus on moving your customers along the customer lifetime value chain by using better personalization to turn occasional customers into regular customers—and then into brand advocates.

Customer-Centric Engagement Tools

Engage and interact with your customers on a 1:1 basis in real-time, across all channels, using our powerful suite of personalization and digital engagement tools.

Modern Single-User-Profile

Build a 360° Single-User-Profile of each customer across all channels:
online, in-app, in-store.


Continuous Progressive Profiling

Continuously evolve your Single-User-Profile with every interaction through our advanced machine learning algorithm.

Unified Personalization Engine

PACE unifies the rules, content, real-time activity and Single-User-Profile to determine the next best action in engaging the customer.


Intelligent Offer Management

Create and manage customized offers with inventory levels and availability by location which are then automatically factored into the delivery algorithm.


Flexible Architecture

Utilize our flexible data architecture and expertise to quickly connect all aspects of your technology infrastructure and leverage customer data from any source or system.

Advanced Business Intelligence

Access in-depth customer intelligence, interactions, engagements and back-office data to provide more meaningful, accurate and up-to-date insights for your decision-making.

Building Lasting Relationships …
One Customer at a Time

Our goal is simple: to grow and evolve your grocery or restaurant business by powering up a new world-class Customer Experience for all who engage with you.

omNovos is the spinoff of DataKinetics, the global leader in Data Performance and Optimization Solutions.

For over 40 years, DataKinetics’ technology and services have been trusted by many of the world’s largest banks, credit card companies, insurers and other leading businesses  to process billions of transactions every single day. In fact, it’s highly likely you’ve already interacted with our technology.

In 2012, we realized two things.

First, the algorithms we had been building and deploying for decades could be applied to the effective curation of personalized messaging.

Second, the “big guys” were not making it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to move towards personalization. Their take-it-or-leave-it approach and complex applications—where every single feature or function came at an added cost—were excluding the vast majority of businesses out there.

We decided we could level the playing field. And so, omNovos was born.

40 years Fortune 500

We’re Customers Too

omNovos was built on a unique foundation of passion and expertise.

We were also tired of being marketed “at.” Tired of 1990s-era segmentation marketing approaches. We wanted to be courted by the brands we love: to be treated as special and as unique. We laughed every time an eCommerce engine told us, based on what other people had bought, that we “might also like the following items” (we didn’t).

We decided that a retailer who could take what they know about each individual—their personal likes, dislikes, habits, and so on—and could provide individual offers or content that resonate with each person (and not with every other adult of the same age and gender) would be quite powerful.


Our Core Philosophy

The sun never sets on a customer with a problem.

We treat our customers like partners. What does this mean? Any problem you have becomes our problem.

It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night: we will be there, as much or as little as you like. Because we are committed to ensuring your ongoing success.

Because of our philosophy, we are proud to have been told time and time again, “We wish there were more vendors like omNovos.”

Our Core Philosophy