Our Story

Our goal is simple:
We want to make the magic happen for your customers.

Our world has become Omnichannel.

Mobile devices and traditional desktop computing have completely changed the way people engage with the world.

This includes how we collectively interact, share our thoughts and experiences and, by extension, how we expect other people or groups to interact with us. Pair this new world order with the needs of a retailer and the concept of sales and marketing changes dramatically. Your customers now fully expect to be marketed and sold to; however, with this new expectation comes the desire for marketing to be a fully personalized, engaged experience that speaks only to them.

We grew tired of being marketed “at”. Tired of 1990’s-era segmentation marketing approaches.

We wanted to be courted by the brands we love – to be treated as special – as unique.

We laughed every time an eCommerce engine told us that, based on what other people have bought, we “might also like the following items”. We didn’t.

And we happened to be in a unique position.

Our Secret Sauce

omNovos is the retail spinoff of DataKinetics, the global leader in Data Performance and Optimization Solutions. DataKinetics is relied upon by many of the world’s largest banks, credit card companies, brokerages, insurers, and healthcare providers, to process over 1 Billion account, credit card and insurance claim transactions every single day (it’s actually much higher than that but we were worried it wouldn’t sound believable). Our expertise is found in several of the world’s most widely deployed Loyalty and Fraud Detection algorithms.

A couple of years ago, we realized that the rules-based processing we have been doing for those customers for the last 40 years can be applied to the effective curation of personalized messaging. Because Fraud Detection is about knowing me, my purchase habits, shopping radius and so on, and other details that validate my identity. What if we could add more detail by connecting to the other systems in a retail environment?

A business that could take what it knows about me and my likes, dislikes, habits, and so on, and could actually provide me with offers or content that resonate with me – and not with every other adult of the same age and gender – would be quite powerful.

And so omNovos was born to deliver omnichannel customer engagement software products, tools, apps, and services.