A unique experience for every shopper

Our SaaS platform enables seamless modern customer engagement management online, in-app, and in-store.

Welcome to the PACE SaaS Platform

Personalized Automated Customer Engagement

Our PACE platform is the engine that seamlessly connects all your digital systems and delivers the ability to manage all your marketing and customer engagement programs through one central system. In short, it enables you to deliver a highly personalized experience for every individual shopper, every time, whether online, in-app, or in-store.

Are you prepared to meet evolving Customer Expectations?

It’s no secret that shoppers are demanding more personalized experiences from retailers.

 The question becomes: How does a retailer create that experience for their shoppers? There’s no need to worry—we can help you connect to your customers simply and effectively without any of the anticipated IT-related headaches.

Start at your own PACE

Here at omNovos, we believe you should start at your own PACE (pardon the pun).

This means that when creating your modern retail customer engagement experience, you can pick and choose aspects that are suited to your needs today, and then build an even more comprehensive solution—one that evolves over time.

Seamlessly connecting the Shopper and the Retailer

Through one platform, you can easily manage all offers through all mediums including online, in-app, and in-store—it’s a robust automation engine that fully automates the customer engagement experience.

For the Shopper

1. Real-time Custom Offers

When customer’s login to their app, your online store, or even a mobile-friendly portal, for the first time, their profile information is captured and continually expanded. Therefore, for every interaction that customer has with your store, you can create and manage offers for that particular individual.

2. Loyalty Engagement and Rewards Programs

Creating an ongoing relationship with customers is paramount to success. With PACE, retailers can implement and manage highly customizable rewards programs, points, offers, and more—all individualized to the customer.

3. Personalized Service via Concierge View

Our world runs on data, and that data has led people to expect everything to be highly personalized—gone are the days of generic offers and campaigns. At omNovos, we take that one step further. Our Concierge View enables customers and in-store staff to connect on a personalized level, meaning that all single-user-profile data can be leveraged to enhance and reinforce customer relationships.

4. Wish Lists and Inventory Checks

Leveraging single-user-profile information, customers can create wish lists and check inventory at any retail location or through e-commerce. This means that the online and in-store experience become one. And when they create wish lists or check inventory, in-store staff or customer service agents will have instant access to that information to deliver automated offers, custom offers, and more—the true meaning of clienteling and owning the customer.

5. Self-Scan and Checkout

In our fast-paced world, no one likes long lines at the cash. PACE easily enables scan and pay technology so that customers can skip the lines with ease. As an added security measure, customers can implement self-checkout to ensure easy exit from stores with scan and pay that verifies purchases.

6. eCommerce Integration and Online Ordering

In the world of omni-channel, every experience should be the same and highly interconnected. PACE enables retailers to connect their online experience including online ordering into their mobile experience whether it be in-app, online, or in-store.

7. Real-time Chat

Regardless of location—in-store, at home, at the office, or anywhere in the world—your customers can chat with in-store staff, customer service agents, and so on. This highly configurable module enables you to connect seamlessly to your customers 24/7/365.

8. Automated Personalized Greetings

Again, with omni-channel engagement solutions, customers can receive automated greetings regardless of how they interact with the retail establishment. If they are entering a store they can receive a pop-up message welcoming them to the store. If they are away from the bricks-and-mortar location, they can still receive personalized greetings with offers, specials, and more, through an app, online, or in-store.

For the Retailer

1. One View for all Single-User-Profile Information
Leverage customer profile information for a 360-degree view of your customers across all retail channels including in-store, mobile, and online.
2. Customer Relationship Management.

Understand cross-channel customer profiles for improved relationships.

  • Drive new levels of loyalty and profitability with a 360-degree view of customers across channels
  • Capture online and offline shopping preferences and analyze behavior to deliver consistent, relevant messages that increase conversion
  • Point-and-click to create customer segments and target your most valuable shoppers with relevant promotions
3. Personalized Service Via Concierge

Leverage single-user-profile information in real-time to deliver customized and highly personalized clienteling experience.

  • Access customer profile details including likes, dislikes, shopping patterns, and more.
  • In-store staff can receive automated sales suggestions based on customer profiles to drive greater revenue.
  • Leverage in-app concierge training for in-store staff including scoring, sales tracking, and more.
4. Advanced Inventory Management.

Get a unified view of inventory across your enterprise.

  • Get accurate, real-time inventory information that helps you meet customers’ promised delivery dates, make smarter fulfillment decisions, and utilize stock from the most cost-effective locations by unifying different inventory pools across many channels
  • Avoid losing orders to inventory stocks-outs, and reduce profit and loss through inventory markdowns and clearances
5. Order Management and Orchestration.

Reduce shipping costs by routing orders to the most profitable location.

  • Integrate order coordination across all retail touchpoints
  • Enjoy efficient and profitable cross-channel fulfillment with optimized inventory utilization
  • Offer first-class customer service with real-time and transparent order lifecycle management
  • Utilize flexible and configurable business rules for reporting and analytics
  • Scale up order volumes, reduce manual processes and improve order accuracy by automatically moving customer orders through a comprehensive workflow that includes address validation, fraud detection, credit card security verification, packing slip printing, and customer notification updates
6. Intelligent Order Routing and Fulfillment.

Enabling next generation order fulfillment.

  • Meet your customers’ delivery expectations every time by sourcing available inventory in real time across your enterprise and by sending it to the optimal fulfillment location
  • Experiment with a variety of routing strategies at different peak periods of the year, using a simple interface for adapting and managing actions and conditions
7. Operations Management.
  • Optimize cross-channel operations to respond to changing customer behaviors and preferences
  • Identify your most valuable customers and determine where to focus promotions
  • Get real-time, accurate customer information and order history from all channels, employees and touchpoints
  • Improve your ability to make intelligent merchandising decisions, product selections, and customer retention strategies
  • Increase ROI on digital marketing campaigns with higher conversions and more effective cross-sell / up-sell strategies
8. Marketing Management

Unify all disparate marketing systems into one single platform.

  • Manage all marketing efforts including points programs, loyalty, email, chat, and more.
  • Connect all aspects of marketing into one single dashboard for better business intelligence.
  • Modernize marketing infrastructure and efforts to address evolving technology and customer trends through an evergreen solution.

When DIY is never an option

In the world of Digital Transformation the ability to be both agile and flexible to fully meet customer demands is critical for success.

It’s for this reason that retailers need to avoid the trappings of the do-it-yourself approach. Though omNovos makes modern customer engagement look easy, it took years of R&D, finding the right talent, and creating proven processes to develop its industry-leading platform.

Today, omNovos customers save time and money implementing their strategies, knowing that this has been done before to the highest of standards with North America’s biggest retailers. Furthermore, by partnering with omNovos, every implementation results in constant upgrades, new features, and new revolutionary approaches—an evergreen solution to last a lifetime.

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