5 ways retailers can engage customers when they can’t serve them face-to-face
eBook - 5 Ways Retailers can Engage Customers

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Aside from the obvious impacts that 2020 has brought, such as the main brick-and-mortar channels being adversely affected, there is a new sense of what communication means, how that communication is delivered, and how that communication is accepted.

For so many years, retail of all kinds has been almost solely focused on in-person interactions. And even with the advent of eCommerce being a significant game changer in retail, the fact that people like and appreciate a good in-person experience goes without saying. After all, we as human beings are social creatures by nature.

But what happens when technology is introduced to the social aspects of human interaction? For instance, whether it be social media or ancillary platforms that enable text chat and video, are they also not as “social” as in-person? Though you may disagree, ask any person under the age of 30 and you may get a very different and very positive answer. 

So if 2020 has taught us anything, adapting new technology to solve age-old and even modern challenges is something that must be embraced in order to thrive in our now always-connected world—it may even be the “new normal.”

With that, here are five ways to interact with customers—regardless of retail type—that can foster even better customer experiences, build loyalty, and propel your organization to new and rewarding levels of customer engagement.