5 simple ways modern customer engagement technology can help your employees deliver a better customer experience
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The proliferation of new customer engagement technology has become a staple in modern business. From retail to grocery, to restaurants, arenas and stadiums, the list goes on—any business that centers on customer service is entering a new era of personalization.

So, what is bringing this new trend? In short, ubiquitous connectivity—online, in-app, and in-store—has become the catalyst of change in how consumers wish and expect to be treated. From the simplest of mobile apps, to online ordering, from the virtual to the brick-and-mortar connection, consumers know what they want and how they want it.

However, as a further point to the new data-driven millennium, consumers are quickly becoming aware of the data that businesses gather about them, and are now leveraging their own personal data to garner the highly customized experience they desire. In short, they expect personalization at every turn and will, in turn, reward the business with far greater customer loyalty.

The question now becomes: How do businesses leverage modern customer engagement technology to help employees deliver a better customer experience? Here are five simple ways that modern engagement (also known as omnichannel) can deliver better and more personalized experiences to increase loyalty and the long-term commitment of customers.