Is your customer data truly usable

It is no secret that Digital Transformation is now the epicenter for all engagement strategies. After all, in a world where everyone is connected through a multitude of devices and channels at all times—together with the fact that those devices account for a multitude of data types—the need to leverage interactivity and resulting data is at an all-time high.

Today, customer data itself is the primary driver of all things engagement related. From the basic aspects of who is being contacted and where they live, to the finer details that can build over time such as likes, dislikes, engagement habits, purchase habits, and the list goes on, data is now the foundation for “personalization.” To illustrate that point, did you know that there are over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day?

Obviously, data is important. But deep within all of these statistics two very real and very important facts become clear. First, people are all about engagement, regardless of channel. And second, people are more than willing to create, share, and consume data at every turn.

The true moral to this story: Data is not just important—it is everything.

With that in mind, how do retailers and restaurants of all types—from grocery or fashion and apparel, to QSRs and FSRs—prepare their data for advanced customer engagement and build a world-class customer experience?

Here in more detail is how retailers and restaurants can prepare their businesses for modern and meaningful customer engagement strategies.

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