Preparing Retailers for the New Normal
eBook - Preparing Retailers for New Normal

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It goes without saying, we are living in unprecedented times. However, global challenges aside, grocers are fortunate enough to live in a world that not only supports the concept of Digital Transformation, but also fully embraces it. In fact, this whole global scenario now brings with it a virtual world of opportunity that can propel stores into a whole new level of customer engagement and revenue.

For instance, in just a few short weeks, old habits that once ruled the retail world have been turned upside down, forcing people to seek out new ways to interact, work, and shop. Across the globe, Digital Transformation initiatives that were once thought to be years away are suddenly mission critical. The tectonic changes we are living through today, combined with the adoption of new connectivity models, are forcing people to reimagine and embrace new ways of interacting inside and outside their homes and workplaces.

Zoom parties, increased social media usage, and FaceTime mobile apps, have redefined human interaction on a never-seen-before scale. From friends and family, straight through to retailers and others—the in-person paradigm has radically shifted.

So, now that the world has shifted its perceptions and age-old habits over such a short space of time, how can grocers quickly enable entirely new engagement methods with their customers, while capitalizing on what is now being coined as the new normal?