Retail FAILS
Retail FAIL of the Month: National Grocery Store

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The Retail Need Scenario

For this month’s audit, our team decided to focus on numerous national grocery chains as part of the research we are doing for one of our latest customers. To test competitors’ omnichannel engagement strategies, we downloaded their mobile apps, interfaced with their online services, and then tested in-store functionality and the related service levels. Most grocers made it through the initial testing phase but one, in particular, failed the test overall.

The reasoning: The grocery industry is becoming one of the fastest adopters of omnichannel engagement and its associated technology. For many, the act of buying groceries is considered a mundane chore; however, omnichannel engagement is rapidly changing the landscape and the customer experience.

And with multiple grocer brands to choose from—as well as the disruption happening with online sales, the rise of mobile ordering, and more—it is now an imperative for these brands, like so many other retail verticals, to ensure the customer experience is something to be appreciated and remembered, just to stay relevant. Therefore, in this case, we documented the experience of a team member who purposefully used the online ordering and pickup feature to purchase ingredients for a dinner recipe.