Retail FAILS
Retail FAIL of the Month: Outdoor Recreation Store

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The Retail Need Scenario

In this month’s audit, our team’s focus turned to specialty needs purchases with a mid-to-high dollar potential value. In this instance, we wanted to test the average knowledge of retail clerks and their ability to up-sell based on that knowledge.

The reasoning: within highly verticalized markets, retail shoppers take great pride in their brand and product knowledge. This can include everything from electronics gear, to specialty clothing and footwear, to accessories, and more. Additionally, the knowledge can span from eLearning through websites, videos, blogs, forums, e-commerce reviews, and so on, to time spent in the field.

This type of buyer can be exceptionally loyal to brands ranging from large multi-national companies to cottage industry manufacturers. For this purchase, we chose a specific purchase type: a collection of clothing items with the intent of solving a single issue for the shopper.