Empower Your Customer’s Journey

Your unique omnichannel experience starts at their fingertips.

You can’t predict when your customers need you the most.

True omnichannel experiences allow your customers to create their own journey. That includes how and when they choose to do business with you.

At its core, SCAN &… has two major functions.

SCAN &… PAY enables customers to immediately scan and pay for items without long lines and be rewarded instantly for any and all purchases.

SCAN &… LEARN enables customers to continue their in-store journey at their own PACE (pun intended). No more waiting for or being afraid to ask an associate a simple question— the answer is at their fingertips. Simply scan the bar code and learn Pricing, Manufacturing or Product Details, Complementary Items, Available Offers, etc. Anything that can be quantified and you want your customer to know can be made available.

The ultimate interface between you and your customers.

Extend your online or e-commerce presence. SCAN & … acts as a valuable interface between you and your customers. It provides all the standard functions of your online presence — eCommerce, Location Search, calculating shipping costs, Multi-Location Inventory Search, etc.

Most importantly, when supported by PACE and the omNovos CDP, SCAN & … becomes your own direct channel to your customer – enabling you to interact in a 1:1 personalized way – making unique offers, suggesting personalized complementary items, engaging through rewards programs, and enabling the real-time delivery of custom offers for upsell and cross-sell based on that specific customer’s profile and the associated predictive modeling of past and present purchases and behaviors.


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