A unique experience for every shopper

Our SaaS platform enables seamless modern customer engagement management online, in-app, and in-store.

Are you prepared to meet evolving Customer Expectations?

It’s no secret that shoppers are demanding more personalized experiences from retailers.

The question becomes: How does a retailer create that experience for their shoppers?

In many cases, a project like this can seem
overwhelming. There’s no need to worry—we can help you connect to your customers simply and effectively without the need for IT expertise, building any data science skills, or worrying about how to structure it and roll it out.

When DIY is not an option

In your business, the ability to be both agile and flexible to fully meet customer demands is critical for success.

It’s for this reason that you need to avoid the trappings of the do-it-yourself approach.

Though omNovos makes modern customer engagement look easy, it took years of R&D, finding the right talent, and creating proven processes to develop its industry-leading platform.

Today, omNovos customers save time and money implementing their strategies, knowing that this has been done before to the highest of standards with North America’s biggest retailers. Furthermore, by partnering with omNovos, every implementation results in constant upgrades, new features, and new revolutionary approaches—an evergreen solution to last a lifetime.

Start at your own PACE

Frankly, we are big fans of starting small. While we are more than happy to deploy a comprehensive system covering all needs at the same time, we know we would be doing you a disservice.

We know that your needs are going to change. Time and again we’ve seen cases where the data that you think is important today is not going to be the data that is important 6 months later.

That’s why, when creating your modern customer engagement experience, we suggest you start small. Pick and choose the components that are suited to your needs today. Evaluate against your goals and then evolve and grow as your needs and goals dictate.

Services That Enable Retail Success

We can help you connect simply to your customers through our Retail Professional Services.

Data Services

Connect and integrate all your digital resources and infrastructure including eCommerce, POS, CRM, Rewards, and more, to build and use the Single-User-Profile.

Digital Transformation Services

Create a comprehensive roadmap to address all aspects of Digital Transformation from initial planning to the creation of Minimum Value Projects (MVPs), to complete implementation.

Mobile App Development

Imagine an experience far beyond any normal app – our mobile interfaces truly connect with your customers in the way they want every time.


Marketing Strategy

Engage a full range of marketing executives to help implement world-class marketing strategies that drive enhanced customer engagement, increased market share, and improved results.

Customer Experience Audit

Through our comprehensive Customer Experience Audit process, we can help you understand how your customers engage with you and how you can create a better customer experience in the future.

Systems Integration

We can help your company adapt to a changing world where all IT infrastructure must be fully connected and integrated to create a modern customer engagement ecosystem.