The omNovos CDP

Build the most important part of your business’ future growth,
the Single-User-Profile.

True personalization and 1:1 customer experience start with data.

The omNovos CDP was specifically designed as the hub for marketers to collect and unify all of the disparate data sources (online, offline, internal and external) and data types (user, behavioral, transactional and product) into a unique, evolving, and real-time 360° view of your customer – the Single-User-Profile.

With a unified and real-time view of your customers, your marketing team can directly explore, create groups, segments, or micro-segments (getting as granular as your business goals dictate), and then use that data with PACE (or other marketing tools and platforms) to orchestrate consistent, integrated and personalized campaigns in any marketing channel you choose.

Most importantly, your customer’s profile is not static – it is constantly evolving. Your ability to personalize and build that loyalty relationship with your customer grows as their profile does.

Unify Customer Data

Link all customer data sources and types together to create a Single-User-Profile

Segment, Micro-Segment, Individualize

Create, view, and/or test any group, sub-group – right down to the individual

Activate Data

Use any and all profile data for campaigns, engagement activities, and messaging

Integrate with MarTech Stack

Open and scalable connectors allow for integrations with existing marketing activation and delivery tools

Customer Analytics

Marketer friendly interface turns data into valuable, and actionable, customer insights

Secure, Reliable Data under your control

Fully secured data at your disposal and where you want it – cloud, hosted, or hybrid