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Unify your Customer Data

Our Customer Data Platform unifies your customer data to create the Single-User-Profile.

1:1 Customer Experiences start with Real-time Data

A customer’s profile is not static—it’s constantly evolving. Your ability to personalize and build that loyalty relationship with your customer grows just as their profile grows.

With a unified and real-time view of your customers, your marketing team can directly explore, create groups, segments, or micro-segments (getting as granular as your business goals dictate), and then use that data with PACE (or other marketing tools and platforms) to orchestrate consistent, integrated and personalized campaigns in any marketing channel you choose.

Unify your Data and your Tools

The truth is that there are many variables and data sources that go into building an effective customer engagement solution. But, like any puzzle, it’s not difficult to solve the challenge once you know how to do it. That’s where our tools and expertise come in.

Unify Customer Data

Link all customer data sources and types together to create a Single-User-Profile.

Segment, Micro-Segment, Individualize Customer Data

Create, view, and/or test any group, sub-group—right down to the individual.

Activate Customer Data

Use any and all profile data for campaigns, engagement activities, and messaging.

Integrate Customer Data with MarTech Stack

Open and scalable connectors allow for integrations with existing marketing activation and delivery tools.

Customer Analytics

Marketer friendly interface turns data into valuable, and actionable, customer insights.

Secure, Reliable Customer Data under your control

Fully secured data at your disposal so you have it where you want it—cloud, hosted or hybrid.


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