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omNovos, the global leader in omni-channel customer engagement solutions, announced today that it has signed an official partnership deal with 3CON, Sao Paulo, Brazil, to deliver comprehensive omni-channel customer engagement solutions to South American retailers. 3CON, one of the leading IT and digital transformation companies in the Brazilian market, is renowned for leading-edge technology implementation in multiple business sectors throughout the continent. 

The partnership will enable omNovos to better penetrate the South American retail market by leveraging 3CON’s digital transformation expertise to further connect systems through retail businesses—creating an environment for better business intelligence for users of the omNovos platform.

The omNovos Personalized Automated Customer Engagement (PACE) solution is a SaaS platform that enables seamless modern customer engagement management: the engine seamlessly connects all digital assets and delivers the ability to manage all marketing and customer engagement programs through one central system.

The PACE platform delivers the unique ability to create and leverage single-user-profiles for every individual customer, enabling retailers to provide a highly personalized individualized experience every time, whether online, in-app, or in-store.

Furthermore, through its revolutionary Concierge application, in-store staff have the ability to access and leverage each customer’s single-user-profile information via a tablet or any other mobile device to better connect with each individual in a personalized way: knowing what customers like, their buying habits, and more.

”The Brazilian market was a perfect choice for us to expand our operations,” commented Allan Zander, omNovos CEO. “With our solutions being tailored specifically to the mid-size retailer—those who have enough infrastructure and breadth of reach to require advanced technology, but do not wish to spend the money usually associated with enterprise-priced systems—the South American market overall will benefit greatly from the introduction of our technology as it will enable retailers to further expand like never before.”

“Choosing 3CON as a South American partner has been fantastic,” said Andrew Armstrong, omNovos Chief Customer Officer. “Their unwavering commitment to their customer base along with their in-depth knowledge of leading-edge technologies made them the clear choice. Additionally, knowing the people personally and their overall work ethic made for an easy partnering process—one that will deliver great results in the months and years to come.”

omNovos is no stranger to the Brazilian market. Aside from having development resources in the country, the company’s parent company DataKinetics has been doing business in Latin America for decades.