The Operator’s Single Pane of Glass

Streamline your operations and automate your order flow with omNovos’ Order Management & Fulfillment platform.

View, manage, and control all orders from your website, mobile app or 3rd party aggregators, directly to your POS system through one single screen.

Operator's Single Pane of Glass

Escape Tablet Hell

Automation can expeditethe dining process by six–nine minutes

Reduce friction by eliminating the need for multiple tablets to manage digital orders


Improve order accuracy & efficiency by eliminating human error


Save time, money & labor by automating order entry from digital channels including your website, mobile app & 3rd party aggregators


Complete visibility and control of all digital orders from one single screen


Get back to managing your guest experience, NOT your systems


Take control of your business and your data

Ready to Escape Tablet Hell?

Satisfy Your Hunger for Order Efficiency

Order Efficiency

Management Orders From All Channels

Manage orders received from all digital channels including orders from your website, mobile app or 3rd party aggregators, in a single user-friendly view. Monitor all digital orders and take immediate action.


Automated Order Placement

No more manually copying orders to your POS, orders placed through all your ordering channels including your website, your mobile app and 3rd party aggregators are entered automatically.


Future Order Management

Easily view and manage all orders scheduled in the future on a single interface. Control when scheduled orders are fired to the kitchen and POS system.


Centralized Order Processing

Increased operational efficiency and accuracy with a single order in-flow and out-flow process for all channels.


Full Systems & POS Integration

No need to replace your POS. We integrate with your existing systems to automatically push all orders from all digital sales channels directly to your POS.

Indulge Your Craving for Contactless Dining

Empower your guests by offering them full control over their dine-in experience with mobile table-side ordering. In-house Contactless Dining removes friction by enabling guests to browse, order, and pay from their phones. Turn your wait staff into section captains, meaning less staff required and reduced labor costs.

Contactless Dining

Contactless Dining Serves Up:


Improved order accuracy by putting the power in guests’ hands


Increased average check size by providing guests the freedom to order and re-order when they want


Removing friction—guests no longer need to wait for a server to order another round of drinks or pay their bill


Increased operational efficiency, front-of-house staff can spend their time more effectively


A better guest experience, guests can place orders for each course at their leisure


Increased guest satisfaction—guests can receive notifications about the status of their food orders and expectation on when it should arrive at their table


Improved table turn times


Increased safety and peace of mind for guests and staff by limiting contact

Quench Your Thirst for Contactless Ordering


Contactless Ordering & Payment

Offer your guests seamless, contactless ordering and payment options. Allow your guests to easily order pickup or delivery directly from your restaurant—commission-free.


Order & Pay

Enable your guests to create customized pre-orders that are delivered to your in-house systems and pay for them via their mobile device. This ensures minimum contact and maximum safety for everyone.


Guest Mobile Check-In

Enables guests to announce their presence without contact. Think of it as a digital version of the host at a restaurant. Ideal for providing service alerts and guest confirmations on takeout orders.


Guest Empowerment

Enables your guests to scan meni items and complete payment on their device. The perfect pairing of safety and convience for your guests. Enable your guests to place their own orders while seated and dining in your restaurant by simply scaning QR codes to indicate their table location and ordering from a digital menu. Reduce labor costs by turning your servers into section managers that run food and drinks to the guests’ tables.


Scan & Explore

Instantly answer guests’ most pressing questions by offering them rich content beyond a paper menu by allowing them to filter menu by allergens, view nutritional information and more.

Digital channel sales are on pace to reach 30% of total sales for US restaurants by 2025.

Real-Time Data to Manage Real-Time Situations

A slow day can turn into a rush in a matter of minutes. One centralized view of all activities and systems allows you to make sure your restaurant is prepared for anything and everything.

Real-Time Data

Single Dashboard

Integrate data from all systems and channels to create a clear, centralized view of all orders on a single screen.


Data Management

Unified data collection and attribution to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date information at all times.


Access real-time data

Make more informed business decisions by accessing order details, tracking, guest data and more, in real-time.

Manage all your digital orders from one screen.

Book your ticket out of tablet hell with Order Management & Fulfilment.