End Menu Mayhem

Manage all your menus, easily make changes, modifications and updates to any of your menus across every digital channel, brand, and location, from one easy-to-use screen.

Menu Management

A Single Pane of Glass for Menu Management

50% of operators are managing 6 or more different menus across channels

Drive efficiency by managing all your menus in one centralized and integrated system.


Reduce labor costs, food waste, and menu errors associated with creating and managing menus across multiple channels, locations, and brands.


Improve accuracy and consistency across your entire business with a single source of truth for all your menus, recipes, and ingredients.


Quickly and easily optimize menus to remove dishes that aren't selling well or promote those that are.


Minimize time spent managing menus and pricing updates across all platforms with an automated process.


Eliminate the costly and time-consuming process of replicating menus.

Ready to end Menu Mayhem?

Simply manage your menus with omNovos’ Menu Management.

Manage all digital platforms in one place

Centralized Menu Management

Make all menu modifications in one, centralized system to eliminate time spent on tedious, repetitive tasks and spend more time focused on improving guest service.

Satisfy Hunger

Menu Items

Add, clone, manage and organize menu items on one screen. Automatically maintain accurate ingredient, allergen, and cost information across every item.


Multi-Location Menu Management

Seamless experience across all locations. Manage menus across locations, brands, platforms, and channels. While providing a more simplified multi-menu management solution.


Manage Hours of Operation

Control your hours of operation by location, menu, and platform. Set opening and closing hours in advance or update in real-time based on your changing restaurant needs.


Promotional Menu Management

Schedule specials to be available at select times/dates/locations. Easily manage promotions, special menus, and daily offers across brands, locations and channels.


Menu Pricing Control

Create comprehensive and accurately costed menus. Update and sync pricing changes from one screen.


Recipe Manager and Builder

Manage all your recipes and ingredient information in one place. Ensure consistency in content, quality, and costs across all channels and locations.


Menu Builder

Manage all your menus and content (product images, descriptions, etc.) from a single screen. Save hours of wasted time with traditional tools.

Save time, reduce errors, and decrease waste with Menu Management.

Make data-driven decisions and drive your business


Proactively Eliminate Kitchen Overload

Recognize predictors of order overload and limit or turn off channels with the lowest profit margins.


Manage Product Availability in Real-Time

View and manage product availability to proactively recognize low stock items and to ensure the next time you run out of fries in the middle of a rush they are proactively 86’d so that your dine-in guests, digital guests, and staff will not be able to order them.


Act Quickly on Revenue Opportunities

Easily identify product trends with menu analysis, compositions, and modelling to view price changes, profitability and improve key business metrics.

Restaurant Dive

omNovos’ Menu Management will save you time and labor costs so that you can manage your restaurant more efficient and make more money.

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