Case Study
Case Study - EatWell

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When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and customers began demanding contactless alternatives to in-person shopping, EatWell Co. Grocery (name changed for confidentiallity)—a mid-sized grocery chain with over 95 stores across five states —seized the opportunity to build out its ecommerce capabilities.

Very quickly, EatWell Co. evolved their website to offer online shopping and free curbside pickup at all of their locations across the country. Customer response was overwhelmingly positive to the company’s easy-to-navigate buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) option. Moreover, EatWell Co. was pleased to see monthly sales increase significantly versus the previous pre-pandemic year.

Within a few short months, EatWell Co. decided they were ready for the next step in the company’s digital transformation. EatWell Co. had attracted many new customers as a result of their BOPIS pivot, and wanted to hold onto those customers. With their competitors beginning to catch up in terms of offering similar shopping alternatives, EatWell Co. knew they needed to do something that would put them—and keep them—many steps ahead of their competitors.