Connect. Simply.

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform enables seamless Customer Engagement online, in-app, in-store.

Perfect Engagement. Perfect Experience. Every Time.

Our modern Customer Engagement platform enables you to create, manage, and deliver offers, promotions, and highly personalized communications directly to your customers based on their real-time interactions.

Single Customer View

Create and manage consistent single-user-profile information for every unique customer—whether online, in-app, or in-store.

Profound Customer Data

Our platform creates continuous ever-evolving data on each customer through our highly advanced learning algorithm.

Digital Connectivity

With our built-in connectivity engine, you can seamlessly connect all aspects of your retail infrastructure to leverage data from every point.


Seamless Communication

Our platform enables seamless Marketing Management for all communication mediums to deliver consistent messages online, in-app, or in-store.

Business Intelligence

Our SaaS platform enables you to create and leverage in-depth business intelligence through amalgamating disparate data sources.

Business Insight

With the ability to create and track detailed customer interaction data, you can generate robust and meaningful reports that will help grow your business.

Modern Customer Engagement 

Watch our video for examples of how our SaaS platform can revolutionize your business.

In-app and online Customer Engagement

Be connected to your customers 24/7/365

Imagine being able to connect with your customers on their terms in real time from anywhere. Our mobile suite for customers delivers highly personalized engagement features including:

  • Real-time Custom Offers
  • Rewards Programs
  • Personalized Service via Concierge
  • Wish Lists and Inventory Checks
  • Self-scan and Checkout
  • eCommerce Integration and Online Ordering
  • Real-time Chat
  • Automated Personalized Greetings

In-store Customer Engagement

Be connected to your customer in person like never before.

Our in-store Engagement Solutions enable retailers to connect their sales staff directly to each customer with instant access to profile information for better engagement and clienteling.

Customers can even use their mobile apps to access sales specials and personalized offers, as well as Self-scan and Checkout, Real-time Chat, and more.

Services That Enable Retail Success

We can help you connect simply to your customers through our Retail Professional Services.

Data Services

Connect and integrate all your digital resources and infrastructure for a single view of all business applications including eCommerce, POS, CRM, Rewards, and more.

Digital Tranformation Services

Create a comprehensive roadmap to address all aspects of Digital Transformation from initial planning to the creation of Minimum Viable Projects (MVPs), to complete implementation.

Mobile App Development

Imagine an experience far beyond any normal app—our mobile interfaces truly connect with your customers in the way they want every time.


Marketing Strategy

Engage a full range of marketing executives to help implement world-class marketing strategies that drive enhanced customer engagement, increased market share, and improved results.

Customer Experience Audit

Through our comprehensive Customer Experience Audit process, we can help you understand how your customers engage with you and how you can create a better customer experience in the future.

Systems Integration

We can help your company adapt to a changing world where all IT infrastructure must be fully connected and integrated to create a modern customer engagement ecosystem.

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