Customer Engagement Solutions

We provide the technology and expertise retail marketers need to personalize customer engagements across all channels and deliver 1:1 customer experiences.



The Modern CDP


Online, In-App, In-Store

PACE – Personalized Automated Customer Engagement


Scan and Learn

Campaign Manager


Systems and Operations



Data Services

App Development


Create and manage a 360° view of each and every unique customer across all channels – Online, In-App, In-Store


Seamless Engagement

Our platform acts as a Marketing Hub to personalize and deliver personalized customer engagement and a consistent experience across all channels – Online, In-App, In-Store

Connect. Simply.

With our built-in connectivity engine, you can quickly connect all aspects of your retail infrastructure to leverage data from every point and any system

Evolving Customer Data

Our platform creates continuous ever-evolving data on each customer through our highly advanced learning algorithm

Business Intelligence

The omNovos SaaS platform enables you to access in-depth customer intelligence and tie that to inventory status and levels to deliver personalized and high-converting messages

Business Insights

Extensive profiling, engagement, and back-office data provide more meaningful, more accurate, and up-to-date analytics and business reports for your decision making