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Grow Sales.

Helping grocery and restaurant marketers deliver personalized and segmented offers at scale.

What do I Eat?

Make every single customer interaction count.

Customers don’t just want you to treat them as the unique individual they are—nowadays, they expect it.

81% of consumers want brands to get to know them and understand when to approach them—and when not to.
In fact, 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from companies that offer personalized experiences.

If you meet your customer’s expectations, your business will grow.
You just need the right partner to get there. And that’s where omNovos comes in.


“Know me, show me, enable me, value me”

Make each individual customer feel “seen.” Automatically deliver relevant, compelling and valuable content via their channel of choice, based on their real-time actions and behaviors.

Customizable, integrated, and effortless relationship-building

Our proprietary digital customer engagement suite is at the heart of creating a long-lasting emotional connection with your brand. Integrate all your systems and watch relationships grow.


Grow at your own pace—no steep learning curve required

Evolve your world-class Customer Experience as your business evolves. Add our fully customizable, marketer-friendly suite of personalization features and tools when you need them.

Cutting board

Here’s what makes omNovos’ Digital Customer Engagement Solutions the best:

Your world-class Customer Experience is within reach.
And achieving it isn’t as complicated as you probably think.

Wondering whether you have the time, skills, resources or budget to get started? Leave the technical details to us. We’ll make it easy. And we have 40 years of expertise serving global organizations to back up that statement.

Still not convinced? Let’s show you how partnering with us is a recipe for your business’ success.

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40 Years Supporting Fortune 500

We are born from greatness!

omNovos is the product of our parent company, DataKinetics, the global leader in performance and optimization solutions to the world’s largest banks, credit card, brokerage, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecommunication organizations for over 40 years.