Your Restaurant’s Single Pane of Glass

Manage your orders,

Manage your menus,

Manage your guest experience,

Manage your business.

One. Single. Integrated. Console.

Built by restaurants, for restaurants.

Our Restaurant Management System is built to make your restaurant better—it’s as simple as that.

omNovos' Mobile App

Order Management & Fulfillment


Connect your systems

Single integrated interface for all digital channels.

View, Manage, Control Your Orders

Manage your business as orders are automatically transferred to POS.

Contactless Dining

Enable guests to dine at their own pace. Guests can browse, order and pay using their mobile device — no wait staff required. 

Menu Management

Manage Menus

Central Integrated System for the management control & publishing of your menus.

Centralized Data

One simple repository for all your menus, recipes, costs and items.


Control all the key variables related to your menus—locations, house specials, prices, etc.—in one tool.

Guest Engagement

Personalization Platform

Create, manage, and deliver 1:1 personalized commnications to drive engagement with your guests across all channels. Deliver the Next Best Action every time.

Enhanced Guest Loyalty

Focus on moving your guests up the lifetime value chain by personalizing their experience turning occasional guests into regulars—and regulars into brand advocates.

Built-in CDP

Unify, attribute and leverage Single-User-Profile information for a 360° view of your guest data and interactions across all channels.

Own the Channel—Your Own Mobile App

A pre-built, fully brandable and ready-to-use mobile app including customizable engagement modules that enable seamless engagement and personalization from day one. omNovos’  mobile app delivers a convenient, dynamic, real-time, two-way contactless engagement channel between you and your guests.

Data & Analytics

Advanced Reporting and Insights

View and analyze all restaurant data in one single view.

Access Real-Time Data

Make more informed business decisions by accessing order details, tracking, guest data, and more, in real-time.

Guest Analytics

Access in-depth guest intelligence, interactions, engagements and back-office data to provide more meaningful insights for your guest engagement strategies.

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62% of guests say having just one thing missing from an order leaves a bad taste in their mouths.


If an order goes wrong 4 in 5 people point blame at the restaurants instead of at the delivery services.


84% of customers will switch away from your offering after just one bad delivery experience.

You can do better, we can help.