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Helping grocery and restaurant marketers deliver personalized and segmented offers at scale.

Recipe for Personalization

Personalization yields 5–8 times the ROI.

Make every single customer interaction count.

Customers don’t just want you to treat them as the unique individual they are—nowadays, they expect it.

The numbers speak for themselves.


73% of customers prefer shopping with companies who use personal information—as long as that information is used to make their experience more relevant.


80% of customers are more likely to buy from companies that offer 1:1 personalized experiences.


81% of customers want brands to understand them and
know when to approach them.

PACE Personalization

Personalization will grow your business, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Mobile App

A pre-built, fully brandable and ready-to-use mobile app including customizable engagement modules that enable seamless personalization from day one. omNovos’ InterACT mobile app delivers a convenient, dynamic, real-time, two-way contactless engagement channel between you and your customer.

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Personalization Platform

As the ultimate personalization platform, PACE takes the complexities out of data segmentation and aggregation.  PACE delivers personalized, automated customer engagement, creating, managing and delivering personalized content and communications, allowing you to surprise and delight your customers during every interaction.

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Built-in CDP

PACE’s built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP) builds, unifies, and leverages Single-User-Profile information for a 360° view of your customers across all channels, including in-store, in-app, and online. Ultimately, this enables PACE to individually target each customer—the essential element for delivering personalized interactions and an enhanced customer experience.

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Here’s what makes omNovos’ Digital Customer Engagement Solutions the best:

We are born from greatness!


omNovos is the product of our parent company, DataKinetics, the global leader in performance and optimization solutions to the world’s largest banks, credit card, brokerage, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecommunication organizations for over 40 years.

40 Years of Experience

Conversion rates are 267% higher when messages are triggered by user behaviors instead of being sent at a specific time of day.

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