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We provide the technology and expertise retail marketers need to personalize customer engagements across all channels and deliver 1:1 customer experiences.


Even the most limited data will help you connect with your customer and boost your bottom line because the reality is that, as of today, most of your competitors haven’t started thinking about personalization.

Modern Customer Engagement is actually not that complicated when you work with the right partner.

That’s where omNovos comes in. From Customer Data to Engagement Solutions, Inventory Optimization to Mobile Solutions, and Data Integration to Marketing Services, we have you covered.


Connect your data, Simply.
Unique, individualized, customer experiences begin by unifying all data sources and customer interactions to create a 360° view of your customer, the Single-User-Profile.

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Activate your data.
Create, manage, and deliver the most relevant communications directly to your customers based on their Single-User-Profile and real-time activity. No more out-of-the-box limitations, you set the personalization triggers and rules.

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Leverage your data.
Our extensive data systems and integration expertise allows you to get started right away. Quickly connect all aspects of your technology infrastructure to leverage data from any source or system. Stay on track with access to comprehensive data insights.

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