Retail FAILS
Retail FAIL of the Month: Family Restaurant

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For this month’s audit, our team chose to audit restaurants. In particular, family style restaurants that continuously offer specials to draw people into their establishments for a “specials night.”

The reasoning: The food and beverage industry has changed little in the past 100 years. It serves food, provides the desired dining experience, and works towards creating an environment that draws repeat business. However, the tools and options that restaurants have for advertising or marketing to their target customers have remained limited. Of course, social media and the web have added some reach, but most are still relegated to a unidirectional state where they advertise, hope for an uptick in business, and then can only create a semi-personalized dining experience once a guest arrives at the establishment.

Therefore, in this particular case we focused on the marketing initiatives that many restaurants use, and the subsequent promotional devices used in so-called modern marketing.