Missed Connection Report: QSRs
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Keeping up with the fast rate of change has been vital to surviving the pandemic. QSRs have had to quickly pivot to continue operating and making a profit—adopting new strategies to provide customers with options to order from their restaurants without being stuck in lengthy drive-thru lines.

Many restaurants faced a difficult question at the beginning of the pandemic. Should they invest time and money into an exclusive mobile ordering service, or enjoy the convenience of using a thirdparty app and service? Not knowing how long the pandemic would last, many went down—and have since stayed on—the third-party path, partnering with third-party food delivery businesses for both takeout and delivery orders.

Doing so provides restaurants with wider exposure to hundreds if not thousands more potential customers. As well, QSRs don’t have to take on the financial and logistical headaches of building out their own app and delivery service. However, using third-party services also presents drawbacks for fast-food restaurants—leaving QSRs wondering whether there are more viable alternatives available.