Why customer engagement should be at the top of your priority list
eBook - Customer Engagement

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From the advent of social media, to mobile devices, IoT and smart home devices, online shopping, and more—customer data has become more prevalent and more readily available than ever before. But has that truly changed the game when it comes to customer engagement? The answer is a resounding yes.

A recent study shows the advantages of omnichannel marketing automation, including 250% higher purchase frequency and 90% higher customer retention rates (Omnisend, as cited in ClickZ, 2019). So why are the numbers so staggering? For the most part, customers want what they have always wanted—to be treated as individuals, to have their own needs addressed in a manner that they appreciate, and to know that the retailer actually cares about them as an individual. This isn’t new.

However, for modern organizations, the ability to truly know the customer has in many ways been a tough road and has been perceived as a daunting task. And up until a few years ago, it was. Now, however, customer engagement technology has introduced entirely new opportunities to meaningfully reach customers—and not just in a unidirectional way.

Customers in the twenty-first century are demanding to be marketed to—as long as it’s “real” and not just generalized. This means that old-school methods such as personas and generalized demographic data just doesn’t cut it anymore. And with so much functionality and connectivity at people’s fingertips, along with the ability to make marketing and engagement a 1:1 personalized interaction, the opportunity for retailers to create loyal, highly engaged, and long-lasting customers has never been higher.

In this eBook, we will explore the reason why retailers should be pursuing more modernized customer engagement methods, and what they can expect when truly engaging the customer in the new millennium.