Data Central to Omnichannel Customer Engagement
eBook - Data Central to Customer Engagement

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It’s a tough world for retailers today. The constant cycle of continuous connectivity generates an enormous amount of rich data with the promise of incredible insights into their customers. As a retailer, you can get ahead by taking full advantage of this ongoing stream of data and by adopting an omnichannel customer engagement solution.

It’s essential to implement such a solution. Why? You need open lines of communication across multiple channels—in-store, online, mobile device, and social media—that lead to a seamless, continuous experience across brands and devices, and that engage your customers one-on-one.

To seamlessly engage your customer, you require myriad databases and systems such as eCommerce platforms, POS (Point of Sale) systems, marketing automation, and customer relationship management tools. And they must all be connected to make omnichannel sales and marketing initiatives a reality. Therefore, to be successful in the new omnichannel world, it’s critical that you create a fully integrated ecosystem connecting every aspect of your data and its associated parts.