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Retail FAIL of the Month: Restaurant | A Technological Failure
Retail Fail - Restaurant Technology

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In this month’s audit, our team’s focus once again turned to the restaurant industry: to take a look at how the food service industry is making (or at least trying to make) strides into the omnichannel / modern engagement realm through personalization.

The reasoning: as more and more companies of all kinds adopt more modern practices as they relate to personalization, the cascading effects and how they impact customer expectations are growing exponentially. In this case, we have spoken to many restaurant chains that are feeling pressured to adapt to new technologies in service due to the likes of Starbucks, Tim Hortons, etc., that are implementing customer profile accounts as part of their sales and marketing engagement practices. 

With this pressure to evolve, some restaurants have taken to building what they perceive as an engagement engine that leverages their concept of single-user-profile information. This report details one of those systems.