6 Key Questions to help Retailers Create an Outstanding Customer Experience
Digital transformation delivers dramatic changes to the business landscape: it fosters faster growth from existing products and services and completely transforms the customer experience.

Transforming the customer experience and earning customer loyalty requires that you seamlessly connect your brand with your customers at every touchpoint. To accomplish this, you need mature digital strategies designed specifically to enhance and reinforce the customer experience.

This is critical especially in light of SAP’s recent Digital Transformation Executive Study finding that 84% of companies believe digital transformation is important or critically important to their survival in the next five years. Other key findings include the difference between the Top 100, they are 58% more likely to cite customer empowerment as a key global trend, while others tend to focus more on global competition and the increasing pace of change (Clark, 2017).

Social media, the rapid adoption of mobile devices, IoT and smart home devices, online shopping, and more, have all contributed to altering the balance of power between customers and companies. Now, the retailer has to respond to and interact with customers based on their desired channel at the time of interaction, although channel isn’t the only factor. Once they are established and changed in real time based on customer preferences, messaging becomes the next crucial step in the engagement equation.

When you draw and leverage data inputs from all channels, a simple retailer database transforms to become the genesis for relationship-based engagement. Simple contact information and channel preferences now expand and grow in real time, making it possible for companies to learn a customer’s individual wants, likes, desires, patterns, and so on, resulting in the single-user-profile. This profile is essential for creating, enabling and nurturing a customer experience. And digital is at the heart of that experience.

Your responses to these six questions will help you assess your level of digital transformation readiness

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