5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Using Personalization
5 Ways

Building true customer loyalty should be a goal for every business, but most only do the bare minimum to develop relationships with their customers. Many businesses are missing countless opportunities to build real 1:1 relationships and connect with their customers on a truly personal level by instead choosing to rely on one-size-fits all reward programs and bulk email sending to engage their customers.

Here are 5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Using Personalization.

1 – Make every customer’s experience unique to them

There’s nothing special about a mass email with just the customer’s name pasted at the top. Everyone wants to feel special, unique & valued. To build truly loyal customers, you must know, show you know and value each customer as unique individuals. This means collecting & utilizing customer data to personalize each interaction a customer has with your brand. No two customers are the same, so don’t treat them that way. Successfully showing your customers you value them, and their business will result in lifelong relationships turning regular customers into brand advocates and fans.

2 – Personalized Recommendations

Many businesses think they already send personalized recommendations but in reality they are sending generic suggestions to large audiences. To deliver truly personalized recommendations it is critical to use your customer data to communicate with each customer based on their unique needs, preferences, and behaviors. Your vegan customers don’t want suggestions for your new selection of gourmet deli meats and customers without children don’t need offers on baby food or diapers.

3 – No more one-size-fits-all rewards

Plenty of businesses offer a loyalty program, but these programs seldomly use personalization to build & reward true customer loyalty on an individual level. Instead, they are basic loyalty reward programs that have one-size-fits-all rewards and treat all customers the same. Every customer has their own ideas of what it means to be rewarded for their loyalty. Some want discounts and savings offers and others want to be rewarded for their repeat business, when you use one-size-fits all rewards some customers are going to be left out. Personalize the rewards to the individual to foster true customer loyalty.

4 – Send only the most relevant & timely content

Customers want to hear from their favorite brands, but they don’t want to be bombarded with endless marketing communications, especially when they’re irrelevant or badly timed. Using a personalization platform, like PACE by omNovos, businesses can let their customer’s real-time actions trigger content assignment and determine what content best suits everyone at any given moment.

5 – Make every customer feel like a VIP

Any business can say they treat their customers like VIPs, but it’s the customers who decide if they truly feel like VIPs.

Like personalizing each customer interaction, businesses must start by learning what is important to each customer and what being a VIP means to them in order to find and create these special moments for an

exclusive, VIP experience. Whether with exclusive access to top-tier menu items or invitations to exclusive events, find what makes each customer feel like the most important person in the room.

As you can see, building true customer loyalty using personalization is about knowing and treating every customer as an individual person not just another member of a static segment. When businesses implement personalization properly, customer loyalty follows hand-in-hand. If you go the extra mile, building customer loyalty & growing sales becomes a walk in the park.