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Personalized Automated Customer Engagement (PACE)

PACE is a personalization platform with its own built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP) driving real-time, automated, personalized customer engagements.

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Exceed customer expectations with our advanced personalization platform seamlessly engaging customers across all channels through Single-User-Profiles.

PACE connects all of your desired systems, data, customer-facing tools and channels. The marketer-focused platform creates, manages and delivers offers, content and communications directly to customers based on their Single-User-Profile.

PACE optimizes every engagement accounting for customers with their real-time interactions and their behaviors—automatically optimizing and personalizing every customer experience.

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When businesses provide personalized experiences, customers are 110% more likely to purchase additional items.


Are You Ready to Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations for Personalization?

Today’s customers expect you to treat them as individuals—by knowing what they like and what they have yet to discover.

This isn’t about simple recommendations. Your customers expect a truly personalized, seamless experience as they move from channel to channel. With our PACE platform, you can create these customer experiences based on what you already know about them plus what you learn about them in real time—every time they engage with your business.


Rules Creation & Assignment

Create rules matching profile characteristics with content, implement customer engagement offers and messaging, and define intelligent next-steps to drive conversion.


Automated & Personalized Communication

Single-User-Profile technology enables automated, relevant and highly personalized communications to customers whether online, in-app or in-store.

Intelligent Content Creation & Management

Customer profiles are constantly evaluated against all available content and rules defined by marketing to identify and present the next-best-offer—based on current real-time customer interactions.


Real-Time Content

Our advanced automation platform accounts for real-time triggers and actions, delivering the best available content (promos, offers, recipes, pairings etc.)—when it matters most.


Advanced AI & Analytics

Easily establish and measure KPIs, access customer data and power insightful dashboards and reports for any business intelligence need.



Access individual Single-User-Profiles enabling customer staff to deliver a customized and highly personalized clienteling experience.

A Built-in CDP

A Built-in Customer Data Platform

A complete solution creates the ultimate customer experience.

PACE’s built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP), seamlessly amalgamates all data from all desired sources —including CRM, e-commerce, mobile app, product usage data, connected device data, and more—with all data management functions into one central, easy-to-use system.

More so, the PACE platform builds, unifies and leverages Single-User-Profile information for a 360° view of your customers across all retail channels, including in-store, in-app, and online, allowing marketers to individually target each customer.

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Empower Your Marketing Team with Real-Time Customer Insights

Evolve Your Customer Experience.

PACE empowers marketers to become agents of change. Armed with real-time customer, product, and offer insights and behaviors marketers can make better decisions, deliver the most relevant engagements, and ultimately drive revenue and KPIs through targeted, automated, valued content.

Empower and Evolve Your Marketing Team
Make Customer Loyalty a Reality

Make Customer Loyalty a Reality

Create long-lasting emotional connections with your customers.

Loyalty isn’t all about dollars and points.

PACE allows you to implement and manage highly customizable rewards, programs, content, offers and more—all individualized to the customer to drive brand affinity and market share.

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