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Personalized Automated Customer Engagement

Our PACE platform is the engine that seamlessly connects all of your digital systems and delivers the ability to manage all of your marketing and customer engagement programs through one central system.

Our modern Customer Engagement platform enables you to create, manage, and deliver offers, promotions, and highly personalized communications directly to your customers based on what you currently know about them and further informed by their real-time interactions. In short, it enables you to deliver a highly personalized experience for every individual shopper, every time, whether online, in-app, or in-store.

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For the Customer

Real-time Customer Offers

It’s all about personalization and timing.

When customers log into your app, your online store, or even a mobile-friendly portal in-store, their current status information is captured and merged with their Single-User-Profile to create a real-time view of the customer. Through our advanced learning algorithm, every customer interaction further builds a customer’s profile which can then be matched against the best available offer for them at that moment.


True Customer Loyalty

Creating an ongoing relationship with customers is paramount to success. And Brand Loyalty is the result. With PACE, retailers can implement and manage highly customizable rewards, programs, points, offers, and more – all individualized to the customer to further drive brand affinity and market share.

Personalized Service via Concierge

Our world runs on data, and that data has led people to expect everything to be highly personalized—gone are the days of generic offers and campaigns. At omNovos, we take that one step further. Our Concierge View enables customers and in-store staff to connect on a personalized level, meaning that all Single-User-Profile data can be leveraged to deliver 1:1 service and provide significant cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Wish Lists & Inventory Visibility

Tying the Single-User-Profile to an individual’s wish lists, inventory queries, location searches, cart status and other eCommerce activities, means that the online and in-store customer profile can become one. Further, these activities can now be used to guide in-store staff or customer service agents decisions, recommendations, offers, and more. Effectively, driving true “clienteling”, owning the customer interaction and pushing new levels of conversion.

Self-Scan, Learn, Checkout

No one likes long lines at the cash or the intermitable wait for help. Our Customer Engagement Solutions include scan and pay and/or scan and learn technology so that customers can self-serve on product details, inventory checks, payment, and more. As an added security measure, customers can implement self-checkout to ensure easy exit from stores with scan and pay that verifies purchases and appeals to their need for convenience creating an enjoying shopping experience.

Automated & Personalized Communication

When leveraging PACE and the Single-User-Profile, customers receive automated, relevant, and personalized communications regardless of how they choose to  interact with your brand. Whether Online, In-App or In-Store –  your customer will set their journey. By automating the personalization of the customer experience your Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) will reach new heights.


Real-Time Chat

Regardless of location—in-store, at home, at the office, or anywhere in the world—your customers can chat with in-store staff, customer service agents, and so on. This highly configurable module and our advanced AI enables you to connect seamlessly to your customers 24/7/365. More importantly, the data from chats can be captured by the omNovos CDP and leveraged by PACE for customer engagement activities.

eCommerce & Online Ordering

In our omnichannel world, every experience should be highly interconnected. PACE enables retailers to connect their online browsing and shopping experience into their mobile experience driving revenue across all channels.

For the Business

Build, unify and leverage customer profile information for a 360° view of your customers across all retail channels including in-store, mobile, and online.
Customer Loyalty Visibility

Leverage each individual customer profile to drive new levels of loyalty and profitability. Effective customer engagement through personalization is about nurturing your known customer base – moving them up the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). PACE enables retailers to analyze behavior to deliver consistent, relevant, and highly personalized messages that increase conversion and drive value.

Marketing Operations Management

Fully inform all of your marketing and sales initiatives by connecting to your POS, Inventory, and other systems. When real-time Customer information is combined with system data and Inventory status, you gain a 360° view of your operations to inform your marketing and customer engagement activities.


Evolve from Cashier to Concierge.

In-Store and Customer Service staff can leverage Single-User-Profile information in real-time to deliver a customized and highly personalized clienteling experience. This includes the ability to access customer profile details including likes, dislikes, recent transactions and shopping patterns, and gives in-store staff the ability to receive automated sales suggestions based on customer profiles to drive greater revenue. Retailers can also leverage in-app concierge training for in-store staff including scoring, sales tracking, detailed product information and more.


Advanced AI & Analytics

By seamlessly connecting all aspects of marketing, sales and operations, retailers of all kinds can easily set and measure KPIs, while also being able to easily access the data to power insightful dashboards and reports for any business intelligence need.

Personalization Engine

The Personalization Engine is the force behind PACE – unifying the rules and the Single-User-Profile to determine and validate the next best action or offer for PACE to take and engage the customer based on real-time data.

Rule Creation & Assignment

PACE’s Intelligent Offer Management function is powered by our robust automation and rules engine. Create rules around personalization, implement customer engagegement offers and messaging, define intelligent process and next-step routing, and so much more. The result is a more fully automated marketing approach to delivering the right message to the right person, at the right time, and in the right channel further driving conversions and marketing ROI.

Intelligent Offer Creation & Management

The key to modern customer engagement is personalization. With the PACE platform, retailers can connect directly to individual customers with fully automated customized offers and specials—all based on the customer’s individual Single-User-Profile. No more segmentation limitations. Rather, through PACE’s unique scoring algorithm, customer profiles are constantly evaluated against the set of offers defined by marketing to identify and present the next-best-offer. No more experience killing, irrelevant offers.


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