Real-Time Personalization for grocery and restaurants

The Mobile App

Our pre-built, customizable, fully brandable and ready-to-use customer-facing InterACTTM mobile app enables seamless engagement from day one.

Grocery Shopping Mobile App

It’s Time For You to Personally Connect With Each and Every Customer

Your business is unique, and we believe the same should apply to your customer experience.

The benefits? Well, they speak for themselves.


Drive Your Business

Whether you’re a small to midsized grocery, restaurant or hospitality business, InterACT™ drives your key marketing and financial KPIs.

Unparalleled Customer Engagement

Simply configure and launch the perfect mobile app based on your desired customer experience in just days—enabling immediate engagement.

Expand Shopper Insights

Continually gather ever-evolving, extremely important Single-User-Profile data to enhance every individual customer’s experience, every time they engage with you.

Secure Mobile Payments

Our highly-secure payment infrastructure ensures that all transactions are never exposed to vulnerabilities and the possibility of cyber-crime.

Truly Personalized Interactions

Frequently connect with—and learn from—your customers to create ever-growing and meaningful interactions.

Seamless Contactless Shopping

Enable your customers to engage with your brand and in-store devices through a seamless digital interface.

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By now you’re wondering one of two things: how would this work for my brand, or is it really that easy?

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The Ideal Way to Gather Single-User-Profile Data

Our revolutionary InterACT™ Suite of mobile app features are the ideal way to continually gather ever-evolving Single-User-Profile data—empowering you to continually enhance every individual customer’s experience, every time.

We purpose-built the features to ensure your mobile app delivers a safe, real-time, two-way contactless engagement channel between you and your customer.



82% of shoppers consult their phones
about a purchase they’re about to make in-store

omNovos' Mobile App

Engagement-Driving Features for Exceptional Customer Experiences

Scan & Pay

The perfect contactless payment module that enables your customers to scan bar codes in-store or menu items, and to complete payment on their device. The perfect pairing of safety and convenience for your customers.

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Scan & Learn

Enables your customers to discover new offerings by scanning bar codes for additional product information such as ingredients or nutritional facts, and to receive recommendations on similar or complementary products, and more.

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Order & Pay

Enables customers to create customized pre-orders (based on their preferred quantities, ingredients, special requirements etc.) that are delivered to your in-house systems. This sole order and delivery mechanism ensures minimum contact and maximum safety for everyone. Payments are integrated and configurable to the needs of the business.

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Mobile Check-In

Enables customers and guests to announce their presence without contact. Think of it as a digital version of the desk clerk at a hotel, or the host at a restaurant. In this particular case, it’s ideal for providing service alert and customer confirmation for the newly created Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) Curbside Attendant role. You’ll know when your customers arrive, who they are, and what they ordered.

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Dream Builder

First created for grocers, but translates perfectly to a multitude of other organizations, Dream Builder enables “recipes” to be created in real time—providing suggestions to customers based on their current digital interaction. Whether pairings in restaurants, creating ensembles in retail, or building the perfect dinner recipe at the grocery store—the only limit is your imagination.

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Achieve Immediate Customer Personalization

Skip the typical long and complex development times associated with so-called “mobile app companies.”

Launch your own branded InterACT™ mobile app in just days on the major app stores—fully configured and delivering leading-edge personalization to each of your customers.

Restaurant Dinning

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