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What is a CDP?

Know Your Customers — The Customer Data Platform

The CDP: Your Single Source of Truth.

The Customer Data Platform (CDP), also known as the “single source of truth,” is a software solution built for marketers (read: no database or data science skills required) whose primary purpose is to unify, integrate, and manage all of your customer data—user profiles, activities, preferences, transactions, interactions, online or physical visits, and so much more—with a view towards creating a Single-User-Profile.

The Four Key Functions of a CDP.

A CDP gathers data from all available sources with the purpose of properly collating and attributing that data to a specific individual in order to build a profile of that individual. With the omNovos CDP, there are no known limits to the types of data that can be collected. Whether structured or unstructured, personally identifiable information (PII) or anonymized data (non-PII), the omNovos CDP supports it.

All data is typically stored in a cloud environment, though some customers choose to maintain the data internally on owned servers.

A critical function of the CDP is the real-time collection and integration of data. Current behaviors are far more effective predictors of the next best action, as well as the ability to “learn” about each customer in their moment of truth. This delivers the ability to more accurately personalize an experience, while also providing a living and evolving customer profile.

Includes all required analytics, reporting, and tracking.

A CDP provides extensive detail and views of the data and profiles contained within it, making the information useful to marketers. This means marketers can begin to understand their customers and to make decisions on how to reach and serve them. With easily configurable views, marketers can quickly build Segments, Micro-Segments and, in the case of the omNovos CDP, make decisions and take action on an Individual level and take action on an Individual level by using the omNovos PACE customer engagement platform..

A CDP integrates with marketing technology (such as the the omNovos PACE platform) to make the data available to create, schedule, and execute engagement programs and marketing campaigns. The omNovos CDP natively includes the ability to create and deliver engagement programs and marketing campaigns while relying on external tools as delivery channels.

Results Matter. Use your Single-User-Profile.

By building, evolving, and leveraging the power of the Single-User-Profile (SUP), marketers can engage their customers in a way that tailors each customer’s journey in any channel: online, in-app, or in-store.

The result is not only a consistent customer experience that resonates with your customer and builds greater brand loyalty, but also, more importantly, every engagement enables you to continue building the SUP to deliver smarter, more personalized, customer experiences.


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